What is animesafe?

animesafe is an easy to use, open source and completely free file upload service. We accept your files, photos, documents, anything, and give you back a shareable link for you to send to others.

Will you keep my files forever?

Maybe, space is limited yo. Don't forget about legal shit.

How can I keep track of my uploads?

Simply create a user on the site and every upload will be associated with your account, granting you access to your uploaded files through our dashboard.

What are albums?

Albums are a simple way of sorting uploads together. Right now you can create albums through the dashboard and use them only with our chrome extension which will enable you to right click -> send to lolisafe or to a desired album if you have any.

Why should I use this?

Because you're a hipster. Also you can make an account. You can upload through sharex with this.

I must speak with you.

Send an email to admin@animeis.life.